If you are thinking of investing in a farm, you should know that it is one of the best decisions you can possibly make. This is especially true if you currently live in an urban setting, as the open land can allow you to get away from the everyday stresses of the city.

Farms also allow you to split the difference, so you don't totally have to leave your old life behind! Sometimes, a long weekend or vacation in the country is just what a person needs to recharge their batteries and continue on with their daily responsibilities.

Here are a few advantages of living in the country:

1. Lack of noise

The most relaxing aspect of living on a farm is the fact that there is no city noise that you are used to hearing every day. Instead of blaring sirens and people yelling at each other, all you'll hear is the relaxing sounds of nature.

2. No traffic

On your land, the only people you will have to worry about are the members of your family. There will be no traffic or time spent stuck in the car, just you and your loved ones enjoying the freedom of the country land.

3. Open spaces

Think about where you spend your time each day — your office, the car, your apartment. These spots don't exactly leave you a ton of room to move around. Out on your land you will have all of the wide open space you need to just breathe and relax.

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