Heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruits or flowers can be a great addition to your garden. One of the most important things to remember about heirloom plants is that they are open pollinators, meaning that their seeds will produce offspring with similar characteristics to the parent plant. These kinds of plants are pollinated naturally by bees, the wind or other means.

Here are a few tips that will help you successfully grow heirloom tomatoes:

Pick the right variety of heirloom tomatoes

When you are deciding which type of heirloom tomatoes you want to see in your garden, choose a variety that can easily survive and thrive in your farm's environment. This means knowing the length of your growing season, frost dates and whether or not the seeds will be started indoors. Heirloom tomatoes will become accustomed to these factors over time.

Prevent cross-pollination of the seeds

Heirloom seeds will sometimes produce plants with different traits from the parent plant, however, this is rare. To be proactive, though, you can keep your tomatoes from becoming cross-pollinated by covering them with mesh bags. This will protect the lineage from different outside environmental factors.

Stop possible tomato diseases

To help keep your heirloom tomatoes safe from possible diseases, you will need to control the weeds in your garden using tough pest management systems and rotating crops after you have harvested the plants.

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