Rain has a range of benefits in relation to farming.

Texas has been battered in recent weeks with a surplus of heavy rain and wind. This rain is most likely making your life and time spent on your farm more difficult with an increase of mud, flooding and other conditions. Rain doesn't have to be all that bad though, especially when it's harnessed and put to use as you please.

Rainwater can be utilized for a range of different uses on a hobby farm. Some of these uses include:

  • Reducing damage to your farm and surrounding land: Large amounts of storm water runoff can have a negative effect on the surrounding land and your farm. Collecting rain water, even in small amounts, can lessen the impact on soil, preexisting water habitats and wildlife.
  • Watering crops: Even without collection, rain water quenches the thirst of your crops. Although too much water can have a devastating impact on crops, so can not having enough. Collect rainwater using appropriate tanks, barrels or other containers. Ensure they are kept closed and monitored to reduce contamination by wildlife and decrease any amount of mosquitoes. 
  • Eliminating costly bills in your home: Maintaining a farm, whether big or small, can be an expensive (but rewarding) undertaking. Reduce the cost of monthly water bills in your home by utilizing rain water. Rain water can be used in many different areas including home plumbing and clothes washing.

For more information on the benefits of a hobby farm, how to keep your livestock safe and healthy, visit our website. Heritage Land Bank can help you obtain the loan you need to secure your farm and keep it running for years to come.