Crapemyrtle Bark Scale


The blackish trunks on the crapemyrtles around town are caused by a Chinese insect known as crapemyrtle bark scale. It doesn’t kill the trees, but it does make them unsightly and less vigorous. This scale is causing concern because it is has spread quickly, and as you know, crapemyrtles are the most popular and common ornamental tree in the South.

Remaining Neighborly About Overhanging Tree Limbs


It's crucial to understand the laws related to fencing and boundaries in Texas as far as trees are concerned.

Dealing with Exposed Tree Roots


It happens over time. That beautiful tree that is such an asset in the landscape, that provides wonderful shade in the best possible place, will have its roots growing up above the lawn. These exposed roots can hamper mowing efforts and even be a walking hazard.

Decorate Your Country Home for the Holidays


To get yourself into the holiday spirit this season, consider these few decorating tips.

What Should You Do With Your Recreational Property When You Retire?


After you retire, here are a few ways you can use your Texas recreational property!

How to ensure your farm is a safe environment


Here are a few tips to follow that will keep your farm safe and injury-free.

Comparing prescribed fires and wildfires

Comparing prescribed fires and wildfires


Prescribed burns, when carefully handled, can be beneficial for various agricultural purposes.

The sweet joy of homegrown blueberries

The sweet joy of homegrown blueberries


Growing and eating blueberries is a distinctly American tradition.

Growing paw paws in East Texas

Growing paw paws in East Texas


Growing a pawpaw tree can bring an intriguing fruit to your East Texas backyard. 

The subtleties of growing pears

The subtleties of growing pears


Pears are attractive trees, produce good fruit, have few management problems and can last for years.