Consider hunting wild pig this season.

If you're interested in hunting for hog, you're in luck, because it's offered year-round in Texas. There is no bag limit on them, unlike other hunting game such as deer or quail.

Many choose to hunt hog at night due to their nocturnal movement patterns. Often, hunters use deer feeders with special lights for tracking purposes as well. Although hunters do use lights, be sure the ones you use don't spook them.

Another way hunters choose to catch hogs is with a trap they buy or build on their own. If they construct it, hunters can catch up to 80 hogs a year with ease. It's also possible to catch more than one hog in a hunting session using a single trap.

Keep the following tips in mind while hunting hog during the day or night: 

  • Make a call: Wild pigs are known for their fighting abilities and hot temper. These pigs will answer a call when it's heard, even when they are deep in brush or thickets. Use their territorial nature against them.
  • Choose the right firearm: As hogs can be both territorial and aggressive, they can attack, especially when shot. Unless the shot is taken straight in the heart, the hog will stay upright. With this in mind, use only multi-shot high power rifles, revolvers or pistols for both your protection and a successful hunting trip.
  • Take shots from a distance: Even when shot, pigs are known to attack. Once you make the initial shot after tracking the pig, be sure to take another just in case it isn't actually dead. Pigs have been known to play dead and attack, so approach carefully and make a lot of noise.

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