Here are a few tips to keep livestock safe during a storm.

The weather can be unpredictable this time of year, especially in places such as Texas. Whether it is flooding, tornadoes or just increased rainfall, Texans have to deal with a major amount of environmental issues throughout the year.

This has never been more apparent than what has been going on recently in the eastern and southern parts of Texas, which have been getting a great deal of rain over the last several weeks. It has even begun to impact the safety of farms and the livestock raised there.

Over the course of last weekend, several counties in Texas were pummeled with storms that brought along heavy rains, softball-sized hail and strong winds. While 2.5 inches of rain caused flash flooding in several of the counties, one farm was affected more than the others in the area.

According to local reports, an entire herd of cows was swept away in the flooding that occurred last weekend, although thankfully none of the animals were harmed or killed. They were found after the storm had passed on a neighboring property.

In light of this story, here are a few tips that will help you protect your livestock from rainfall and severe weather conditions:

  • Build a sturdy shelter: The best thing you can do to keep your livestock safe in extreme weather is by making sure that their shelter will keep them protected from the elements. The animals will need something to break the wind, as well as an overhead that will stop rain from falling on them and creating excessive moisture. As long as the barn you build is able to withstand the elements, you will be able to keep the livestock safe.
  • Evaluate the safety of your farm: You don't want to be caught in a storm only to realize that your farm is not adequately prepared. That is why you will need to take an honest look at everything on your land, from the condition of your home to how sturdy the livestock barn is, to determine whether or not you are ready for a major storm. If you find certain areas to be lacking, be sure to fix them up before the damaging weather comes through.
  • Supply enough food and water: In addition to the barn being in good shape, there will also need to be enough supplies for the livestock. This is especially important for those moments where you will not be able to provide for them, such as during rainfall or heavy winds. As long as the livestock have enough high-quality food and a steady supply of water in the barn, they will be able to sustain themselves throughout the storm.
  • Warm bedding is essential: The livestock will need to be comfortable throughout the storm, which is why warm bedding is essential. This is especially important during rainstorms, which can often make the air cold and moist. There should be enough bedding for every animal that will be living in the barn, regardless if it actually ends up being used or not. Check the current bedding you own to see if anything needs to be replaced.

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