What should you know about a starting a greenhouse operation?

Do you have a passion for growing fresh fruits, vegetables and plants? Maybe you want to be able to grow your favorite produce year round to sell to your community? If this is the case, you might be considering launching a greenhouse business operation. Before you turn your hobby into a profession, consider these three tips:

1. Know what you want to grow
Your very first step in starting your greenhouse business is to know what type of plants you want to grow. Many experts recommend beginning small, with just a single crop, to avoid accumulating massive overhead and becoming overwhelmed. Maybe you want to exclusively grow herbs or flowers to start off? Then, as you build up a following, you can add more variety to your offerings.

"Do your research before you open up a greenhouse operation."

2. Understand your market 
You need to do your research before you open up a greenhouse operation in your community. For example, are there other greenhouses in your area? Do local restaurants source their ingredients locally? What are the characteristics of your target demographic? You need to understand everything about your marketing - from how competitive it may be to what produce would be most popular. 

3. Contact local zoning officials
Before you begin building your greenhouse, you need to contact local zoning authorities to know if there are any standards or regulations of which you need to be aware. Meanwhile, you also want to ensure that your land will have plenty of available parking and access to a consistent water supply. 

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