Hunting quail brings about a different dynamic on the hunting range.

If you're interested in a less extensive hunt this season, quail may be for you. Although their population has been declining in recent years, due to changing weather patterns and lack of re-population, there is still plenty to hunt.

Drought conditions hit Texas hard in 2013, but there was extensive rainfall during May and June of 2014 which resulted in stronger vegetation and insects. Those are two important factors to keep in mind when hunting quail.

Quail is often hunted in pairs, with at least a dog to sniff out their trail. 

Quail are most often found in a combination of open area and woodland cover. These birds can be found eating a range of seeds native to these areas. Due to the type of unpredictable environment they live, it is important to remember to wear proper clothing in case of briar patches and thorny sections. 

Although quail would rather use cover when eating, they are unable to move through thick grass with ease. Because of their appearance and quiet behavior, it can be easy to walk past them and not even notice, so it is important to remain vigilant at all times.

In addition to awareness of the birds, it is also important to implement safe behavior when hunting, especially when out with another person and dogs.

Always enter the hunting area behind your dog, and keep gun muzzles pointed to the sky, with the safety on, until mounted to your shoulder. 

Before shooting, be sure to be aware of the other hunter you are with, as well as any other nearby hunters and dogs. Never shoot outside of your swing range or into another hunter's path. Likewise, don't shoot too low, even if a quail is there, as this can end up causing more harm than good.

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