How to Mulch Your Garden


Mulching can be one of the most beneficial gardening practices in Texas. It conserves moisture, insulates the roots of plants from temperature extremes and helps control weeds.

Things to do on your Farm in April


May is almost here, below are some tips on how to to check off all the items on your April to-do list.

Farm Gardening Checklist


Here are a few tips to make sure that the garden you start is as successful as possible.

How to Keep the Bugs Away from Your Farm


Here are a few tips that will help keep those annoying bugs from bothering you on your farm.

Remaining Neighborly About Overhanging Tree Limbs


It's crucial to understand the laws related to fencing and boundaries in Texas as far as trees are concerned.

3 Organic Fertilizers that will Improve your Land


Here are a few types of natural fertilizers that will help your land grow the best possible crops.

Plant Nutrients and Soil Testing


Click below to read the latest AgriLife Extension blog on plant nutrients and soil testing.

Gearing Up for a Successful Hay Harvest


This past year was certainly a tough one for stockmen baling hay. We were either too dry, too wet, or were getting the entire field eaten up by reoccurring waves of army worms.

3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Farm


Here are a few tips you can use to spring clean and organize your farm.

It’s Time to Plant Fruit and Nut Trees


Now is the time for planting fruit and nut trees.