Dealing with Exposed Tree Roots


It happens over time. That beautiful tree that is such an asset in the landscape, that provides wonderful shade in the best possible place, will have its roots growing up above the lawn. These exposed roots can hamper mowing efforts and even be a walking hazard.

How Farmers Can Become Producers


New microloans can help farmers become producers for income. If you are interested in making a little bit of extra money on the side from farming on your land, you might experience some obstacles to making this a reality. These agricultural barriers to entry can include finding the financing to expand the land that you own, any possible financial impact of crop failure or issues with product storage.

Caring for Livestock During the Winter


Cold and wet are our current weather conditions in Texas. In fact, every winter in east Texas comes accompanied by cooler, wetter weather. And while Texas winters are typically mild compared to the rest of the nation, farmers and ranchers still need to adequately prepare for the weather changes to properly care for their livestock and land.

Winter Care for Backyard Chickens


Raising backyard chickens and keeping laying hens productive through the winter months means keeping them well fed, well watered, healthy, and comfortable. Below is a checklist developed from experts’ advice to assist with keeping your backyard chicken flock comfortable during the cold weather season.

Identifying Johnson Grass and Worrying about Prussic Acid


Over the past two months Texas has seen some frosts, freezes and other inclement weather. And although Texans may never be fully prepared for cold weather, it arrived right on time. According to historical data, the middle of November is Texas’ average start date for freezing, undesirable weather.

Heritage Land Bank Offering $10,000 in Scholarships to 2019 Graduating Seniors


Tyler, Texas (January 2, 2019) – Heritage Land Bank is proud to support area youth by offering over $10,000 in scholarships to 2019 graduating seniors.

New VP Loan Officer Joins Heritage Land Bank in Fort Worth


Fort Worth, Texas (December 18, 2018) – Heritage Land Bank has named Steven Jones as its new VP Loan Officer at the Fort Worth branch, located at 301 Commerce St. #1380, Fort Worth, Texas.

What Should I Know About Operating An Organic Nursery?


If you want to start an organic garden on your farm or ranch property or go organic with your nursery operations, here are some helpful thoughts and tips to consider.

Why Should You Invest in Land?


You should invest in buying recreational property today!

Agrilife: Acorn Poisoning in Cattle


During this time of year, acorns are starting to fall from Oak trees. When forage is scarce due to overgrazing or other environmental factors, cattle will often search for alternative food sources.