Help clients finance their dreams
Turn to the Texas rural property experts

With our deep knowledge of Texas land, plus our fast, unmatched service, special incentives and more, Heritage Land Bank can be a realtor's most valuable resources— helping your help clients get the rural property they’ve always wanted.

How well does Heritage Land Bank understand the intricacies of rural land, farm and ranch purchases?
With more than 100 years of experience, our lenders specialize in the rural lifestyle because they live that lifestyle, too.  A majority of our lenders have a personal background in ranching, livestock, equipment and other related areas.  Plus, most of our loan officers hold ag-based degrees. That’s a huge advantage for you and your clients. 

Are there any special financial advantages you can offer my clients?
A big advantage that traditional lenders can’t offer is our cooperative dividend.  Because we’re a cooperative, when we finance your client’s land they actually become owners and are rewarded with an annual cooperative dividend when we do well financially.  The dividend helps lower the cost of the ownership or the effective finance rate.

Appraisals can be a big frustration.  How will Heritage Land Bank help me? 
We have our own in-house appraisers.  This not only allows for more control and flexibility.  It helps speed the process to meet deadlines, improves communications, and gives agents the assurance that the property will be valued correctly — the first time and on time.

Customer Service from lenders can often be disappointing. How are you different?
Our customer service is unrivaled, which means fewer headaches, plus faster closings for you.  Our local staff will answer your questions right away.  Every Heritage Land Bank officer is fully empowered to make decisions.

My clients like doing business with community-oriented companies. What is Heritage Land Bank doing?
We’ve been helping the community for nearly a century.  For example, each year we give away $10,000 in college scholarships to deserving local high school seniors, sponsor livestock shows, plus support local governments and community organizations.

What kind of rates do you offer?
Finance rates change often; but to give your clients peace of mind knowing their payments won’t increase over time, we offer attractive fixed-rate loans with terms ranging up to 30 years.