Cooperative Dividend

Sharing Our Earnings - The Cooperative Difference

When We Succeed, You Benefit 

One of the most important financial benefits of being a Heritage Land Bank member-owner is having the opportunity to share in our association’s profits. When you partner with Heritage Land Bank, you become an owner of the business, stockholder, who is entitled to share in the earnings.

Not only will you receive a competitive rate up front, we’ll also return some of the interest you’ve paid when our association does well.

Governed By Members Like You

As a cooperative, we are owned by the very same farmers, ranchers, and ag producers we call customers. These same folks make up our board of directors, and this structure ensures that members’ needs always come first.

At the end of the year, the member-elected board of directors decides how much of our earnings must be maintained as capital to keep the co-op strong and how much should be returned to members in the form of cash back dividends. These dividends effectively lower the cost of borrowing. That’s why, when you do business with Heritage Land Bank, you share in our financial success.

What Members Get Back

The amount of patronage you receive is determined by our earnings and the interest accrued on your loan.

The distribution of profits to our members effectively reduces the cost of borrowing money. The more you borrow, the bigger your share of the earnings. Cash back dividends are returned in the form of checks, which benefit our member-owners, their families, and their local communities.

What Sets Heritage Land Bank Apart

Heritage Land Bank has been a unique lending partner for the agricultural community for over 100 years, offering reliable, consistent credit and financial services. Our mission is to support the rural communities where we both work and live, supporting every corner of agriculture—from the smallest operations to the largest and everything in between.

An Independent Farm Credit Institution

We’re part of the national Farm Credit system, a network of independent cooperatives that serve more than 500,000 farmers, ranchers, agricultural producers, agribusinesses, and rural homebuyers in all 50 states. We exist to help U.S. agricultural producers feed the world, rural businesses grow, and rural families thrive.

With a AAA-rating, Farm Credit debt enjoys strong demand that results in competitive interest rates on loans for our borrowers, despite conditional changes in the ag industry. Farm Credit also ensures that all associations, including HLB, operate in a safe and sound manner so that you can feel confident doing business with us.

Patronage Program

Our association is a borrower-governed cooperative that enables its members to receive year-end dividends through a patronage program. When Heritage Land Bank does well financially, members like you benefit.