Cooperative Dividend

Sharing Our Earnings - The Cooperative Difference

When Heritage Land Bank does well financially, you benefit - that’s the basic philosophy behind the cooperative dividend (also called "patronage" by some Farm Credit lenders). Cooperative dividends are a unique feature of the Farm Credit System, providing member-borrowers the ability to share in the organization’s financial success. 

Heritage Land Bank believes cooperative dividends should be paid in full and in cash, allowing customers to immediately reinvest their dividends in their communities, families, and operations. 

Highlights of Heritage Land Bank's Cash-Back Cooperative Dividend

  • In 2022, Heritage Land Bank returned 66% of our 2022 Net Income, $6.4 million, to borrowers as a cash-back dividend
  • Since 2000, Heritage Land Bank has paid more than $64 million in cash dividends
  • Heritage Land Bank has returned a portion of its profits to borrowers for 29 of the last 30 years