Young, Beginning, and Small Operation Loans

Heritage Land Bank is committed to meeting the needs of Young, Beginning, and Small operations (YBS) by offering specialized loan terms to fit the needs of those who are getting started in agriculture. 

Who qualifies and what makes you eligible as a Young, Beginning, or Small operator?

  • Young: a farmer, rancher or producer or harvester of aquatic products who is age 35 or younger as of the loan transaction date.

  • Beginning:  a farmer, rancher or producer or harvester of aquatic products who has 10 years or less experience farming, ranching or aquatic as of the loan transaction date, or has not assumed control of an operation for more than five years.

  • Small: a farmer, rancher or producer of aquatic products who normally generates less than $250,000 in annual gross sales of agricultural or aquatic products.

Youth Project Loans

We're proud to support the next generation of agricultural leaders by offering youth exhibitors dedicated Youth Project Loans designed to help purchase their livestock projects up to $5,000.

Youth Project Loans must meet the following specifications:

  • The eligible youth must a FFA or 4-H club member.
  • Loan proceeds must be used to purchase livestock projects.
  • The student must be joined by at least one parent or one qualified adult cosigner.
  • Loan terms may be up to 12 months but may be longer for market steers.

To apply for a Youth Project Loan the applicant must complete and submit the following:

  • Youth Project Loan Application.
  • Youth Loan Agreement, signed by the student.
  • Project budget worksheet or stocker/fed cattle operating budget.
  • Letter of recommendation from an ag teacher or 4-H chapter leader.

Please download this flyer or contact us for more details on Youth Project Loans.

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