Posted 12/15/2017

Travis Anderson, ARA, Heritage Land Bank, Tyler, TX
has been awarded the Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA) designation from the American Society
of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers® (ASFMRA®).
Anderson earned the ARA designation by meeting stringent requirements in experience
and education, in addition to passing rigorous written examination and abiding by the American
Society's Code of Ethics. Anderson joins a select 45 percent of the ASFMRA membership who
have received the Accredited status and currently maintain it through the ASFMRA continuing
education program.
Accredited Rural Appraisers understand the changing face of the appraisal industry and
can ensure that an appraisal complies with regulations and requirements. They possess
additional expertise exceeding nearly all state certification and licensing requirements. In
addition, an Accredited Rural Appraiser is connected to a national network of professional
resource information.
The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers® (ASFMRA®) is the largest
professional society for rural property land experts, boasting over 2100 members in 31 chapters
throughout the United States. ASFMRA truly represents The Most Trusted Rural Property
Professionals and is the organization for individuals who provide management, consultation,
and valuation services, as well as real estate services on rural and agricultural assets. The land
experts who hold membership in ASFMRA work under a professional code of ethics, which
includes continuing education requirements. You can rest assured that if you’re working with
someone who is an accredited member of the Society, you are truly working with a competent
land expert and agricultural professional who can assist you with all of your property, land and
asset needs.

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