The Anding Family - Crossroads, Texas

"Heritage saw something in me the numbers didn't show."


Steven Anding started out with big dreams and barely two nickels to rub together. But, he and his wife Lori worked hard, saved, and built a plan for their family home.

To them, family means more in the country because they spend time together on their lands - land they can use for four-wheeling and fishing, and for passing down family traditions. They believe life is better lived alongside tree-filled woods rather than tree-lined streets.

Heritage Land Bank recognized the Anding's work ethic and character. So we agreed to share life's path with them, and promised never to sell their loan. Our team put together a loan based on the Anding's lifestyle, with payments that fit their unique needs. 

Families like the Andings are why Heritage Land Bank finances rural land, and why we've never sold a single loan. It's also why our hearts swell with pride when people like Stephen and Lori call us "family." Because, around here, that's something special.