The Cushing Family - Gainesville, Texas

"We work our city jobs so we can have this life!"


Most of us lead two lives. The one that pays the bills. And the one that makes us feel alive.

For John and Jennie Cushing, happiness meant land away from the city, where they could raise cattle and spend time with family. As full-time pilots flying out of DFW Airport, time at home on their land was something they treasured. 

When the Cushings finally discovered the perfect piece of property, John called our team here at Heritage Land Bank. We listened to them and worked to find a fixed rate loan that fit the couple’s plans. 

Today, the Cushings are one step closer to the day when they can leave their city jobs and stay on the land full time. Because, as John and Jennie both admit, when they’re out in the country, it’s where they truly live.