The Holloway Family - Center, Texas

"My great-grandfather would be proud of what we've created."


John Holloway's great-grandfather built one of the first poultry houses in East Texas. Today, the Holloway's family business also includes cattle, land, and timber. Helping families like the Holloways succeed is a big reason why Heritage Land Bank focuses on agribusiness. 

Financing integrated poultry, cattle, and timber operations is unique to East Texas agriculture. It's something that big, commercial banks just don't understand. But it's what Heritage Land Bank does every day in East Texas. 

That's why John Holloway turned to Heritage Land Bank when he needed a complex refinancing package. Working together, we designed a financing solution that will ensure the business will be passed along to the third generation of Holloways.

The Holloway family also knows we will never sell the loan and will always service them locally. Because, like the Holloways, we believe the truest measure of success is family legacy handed down from generation to generation.