The Newman Family - Rusk, Texas

"I want my grandkids to have what I had."


The true measure of one’s success isn’t in what you achieve in this life. It’s what you leave for your kids and your grandkids and every generation that follows. It’s about legacy. It’s about knowing that someday, long after you’re gone, your family will walk the same fields you walk today. 

So when Rodney Newman’s kids started having kids of their own, he knew he was going to need more land to keep family traditions alive. Raising family on the land is a tradition that goes back seven generations. That’s why they’re regulars here at Heritage Land Bank. 

As well as land, Rodney needed a loan to fit the family budget. A loan he’d never find at an ordinary bank. A loan our team at Heritage Land Bank writes regularly. Our lending team not only understands the Newman’s perspective on family, we agree with it. That’s why we write loans for family land other banks can’t offer.

Today, we’re happy to report Rodney has his land. The grandkids have a place to grow and play. And, at Rodney’s invitation, we have a place to go when we need to get out of the office.