The Waters Family - Celina, Texas

"We wanted a safer life away from the city and this city kid is living his dream."


A retired police officer and former kid from the projects, Marlon Waters admits to being "hard-wired" for safety. He and his Chicago bride, Maria, always longed for fresh air and sunshine. 

When Marlon's mother sent him to see his grandparents in rural Arkansas, he learned how the land balanced him, shaped him, and showed him what life could be. 

Serving in the U.S. Air Force took Marlon around the world, but when he finally landed in Texas, he knew he was home. He and Maria found the land they always wanted, far from the chaos and commotion of the city.

But, before they could think about raising a family, there was a house to build, pastures to fence, and equipment to buy. Fortunately, all of us at Heritage Land Bank knew exactly how to help.

Today, the Waters live a life connected to the land and all it provides. It's the life they always wanted. But, more importantly, it's the life they always dreamed of for their son and daughter. They live off the land, raise cattle, and sell freezer beef to local customers - all as a family. 

Now, every morning when Marlon looks out and sees all that his family has created, he smiles and thinks to himself, We did this."