Why Should You Raise Brahman Cattle

January 25, 2024

Why Should You Raise Brahman Cattle

So you've bought your ranch and now you are deciding what cattle to populate your Texas property with. With numerous breeds to choose from, it can be a seemingly overwhelming process to navigate. Instead of struggling through the journey alone, why not let us make a helpful suggestion? We love Texas land and therefore, one of our favorite breed of cattle is the Brahman. Why should you raise Brahman cattle on your ranch? Here's some great information that might convince you!

They're The Best of The Best

The American Brahman explains that the Brahman is the first beef cattle breed to develop in the country and  consistently ranks in at number one in terms of efficiency, hybrid vigor and heat tolerance. As they offer great performance and growth, they play a significant role in crossbreeding programs internationally. Female Brahmans have a  higher milk production rate, wean their calves faster and have higher fertility rate than other breeds.

Meanwhile, the steers usually stay healthier long and produce carcasses that are free of excessive fat content, which are ideal for healthier consumers and buyers. Many call this breed as the "Crossbreeding's Common Denominator," as breeders around the world idolize the American Brahman genetics. They're practically described as being super cattle!

Brahman Cattle Line

They're Extremely Adaptive

Brahmans are very adaptive to various environmental and weather situations. They are ideal for many areas of the state and in the rest of the country, unlike other cattle. Amazingly, they are able to travel longer distances for water and feed, resist insects and external parasites and can reproduce regularly, even in a stressful setting. One of the best factors is that Brahman are not affected by extremely high temperatures, making them a great choice for hot summers on Texas ranches.

This heat resistance is because of their thick, short, glossy hair coat that reflects the sun's rays. During wintertime, they also grow a long, coarse protective hair covering to remain warm, even on some of the coldest days of the season. As you might have noticed, they have a lot of loose skin, which is a telling characteristic of this unique breed. Instead of just being a recognizable feature, this skin increases their bodies' surface area, which helps them cool down faster. They also can sweat freely, unlike other breeds, which significantly contributes to their ability to withstand high temperatures.

"Brahmans are extremely adaptive."

They're Protective of Their Young

While many describe these cattle as more intuitive and sensitive than other breeds, they do have a protective, aggressive side. Like a mama bear protecting her cubs, you do not want to get between a mother Brahman and her calf. While you have to be careful when approaching new mothers, this overly protective nature is actually beneficial for your ranch! Just like one of your mama cows will chase you away from their young, they will do the same with coyotes, buzzards, bears and any other predator trying to hurt their babies. Don't you want protective mama cows who will help you take care of your calves?

Don't spend another day looking at breeds that aren't nearly as beneficial as the Brahman. Meanwhile, if you are still deciding to  buy land in Texas for your future cattle ranch, make sure to choose Heritage Land Bank as your financing partner. We know and love Texas land (and Brahman cattle!) just as much as you do, so you can rest easy, knowing we will help you buy the perfect property for your needs. Contact us today to see how Heritage will make your cattle farm dreams possible!