financial tools for refinancing loans, buying land and property, rural home loans, and equipment
Patronage cash back refund or land bank dividend icon

As a cooperative, when Heritage performs well, so do its customers. See why financing with Heritage can earn you cash-back dividends.

Loan calculator icon to calculate monthly payments for land loan and see amortization schedule

Our online tool can show you monthly payments, total interest paid, and a complete amortization schedule for the life of a loan. Analyze different scenarios and discover how you can finance your project with us.

land bank icon for online banking, wire transfers, and cash managment tools

Whether you want to access your line of credit, perform electronic wire transfers, set up automatic drafts, or make your payments online, we have a suite of tools just right for you!

Funds held interest rate icon for 30 day cost of funds from bank

This rate is based on the Bank’s 30-day cost of funds on the last business day of the month. See what the rate is today.

icon for download loan application to buy land in Texas or agriculture production operation

Are you looking to buy land or a rural home and need to finance it? Try our loan calculator to see what your monthly payments will be. Our calculator will also show your amortization schedule, payoff date, and you can label your reports so you can compare multiple scenarios.

Links icon to poultry, livestock, land buying, and bank websites and financial resources

We have gathered key resources to help our customers find industry news, real estate brokers, ag-based trends and demographics, and a variety of other links businesses might find helpful.

Agbanking online icon to check loan balance, monthly payments, and accrued interest

Our website allows customers to make individual or recurring payments online. No need to write a check – let our system automate this process for you.